Travolution Journeys

Travolution Journeys is a collection of articles, exclusive research and analysis examining the consumer journey from conception to research, booking, in-resort and post-trip behaviour. It was first published in print in September 2008.

Research (sponsored by Travelzoo):


So much choice, so many channels (quantitative survey of 2,100 consumers)
Are consumers being served? (qualitative study evaluating six major travel brands)
Phone a friend…ask the audience, or take a chance (diary study of consumer behaviour)


So, how was the journey? (media strategy)
Redefining the back-end (technology)
And the proud new owner is… (customer ownership)
Keep customers on your radar (email marketing)
Standing out from the crowd (improving supplier journey)
Are the tables about to turn? (empowered consumers)


Travolution’s 50 Travel Touch Points (sponsored by I-Spy Search)

i-spy search


Talking and testing are key (Travelzoo comment from Stephen Dunk)
Get inside consumers’ minds (Travolution leader column)

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