Vila Gale chain picks Rate Tiger for distribution tools

Vila Gale chain picks Rate Tiger for distribution tools

Press release – 5 September 2008 – Rate TigerVila Gale

One of the world’s leading hotel chains Vila Galé has chosen Rate Tiger’s channel management solution to drive its business forward.

The Vila Galé group which is responsible for 18 hotels in Portugal and Brazil, has opted for RTAllocator Lite – a tool to help hoteliers with with room rate parity and inventory distribution across multiple third-party websites.

After viewing several products in the market, the Portuguese chain believes Rate Tiger is both the most efficient and user friendly.

Gonçalo Rebelo de Almeida, Vila Galé marketing and sales director, said: “We have chosen Rate Tiger as they are the best suited to drive sales and maximize our revenue.  The RTAllocator Lite package will optimise our business by allowing us to control rate parity and manage more websites without having to increase the number of staff we employ.”

The real-time technology tool enables the hotel group to update revised allocation and rates in multiple distribution channels and control various strategies through a single easy to use interface.

Sascha Hausmann, Rate Tiger chief operating officer, said:  “We are very pleased to be working with the Vila Galé group and to help them improve their market exposure while maximizing potential revenues.”

He added: “The new RTAllocator suites have been extremely popular since the launch and it is satisfying to know we have built a product which suits hotelier’s needs.”

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