Kayak to counter-sue American Airlines

Kayak has hit back with counter legal proceedings against American Airlines following an ongoing row over the display of airfares on the US-based meta search engine.

Papers were filed at a Texas court on Friday last week in response to proceedings issued by American Airlines in early-August to stop “ongoing violations, and recover damages for prior violations, of the terms of its contract with American to distribute American fares and related information”.

Kayak is now counter-suing for damages after it claimed the airline wrongly informed Kayak customers about the “financial interests” of when fares are displayed through online travel agencies, Orbitz and Cheaptlickets.

But despite the launch of legal proceedings now in place in both directions, a Kayak spokeswoman told Travolution that it remained “open to a solution” that would serve “not only Kayak.com and American Airline’s interests, but the interests of consumers”.

A second complaint has also been made in respect to a statement by American Airlines to customers that it had terminated its relationship with Kayak. Officials at Kayak claim the meta search engine ended the partnership in August, rather than the airline.

“American Airlines knew the statements were false when they were made and they were made with the intention of interfering in Kayak’s relationships with its customers, and have interfered with Kayak’s relationships with customers causing Kayak to suffer direct pecuniary loss,” the court filing said.

We believe our relationship with AA was productive for both Kayak.com and AA and allowed us to be true to that philosophy until recently.  We were compelled to take the actions we did because AA essentially wanted us to stop providing consumers with comprehensive information.  Despite the fact that AA chose to litigate this matter, we continue to be open to a solution that would serve not only Kayak.com and American Airline’s interests, but the interests of consumers.

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