Dealchecker reports revenues and growth boost since Webedia merger

Dealchecker reports revenues and growth boost since Webedia merger

Travel deals specialist has reported increased revenues and growth since merging with Webedia a year ago.

Webedia took a stake in Dealchecker’s parent company, Easyvoyage.

Dealchecker has announced increased revenues, a positive rate of growth in travel partners and further investment in marketing, social media and website improvements.

The merger between Easyvoyage and Webedia has enabled Webedia to strengthen its tourism presence across Europe and in turn the company is keen to continue developing Dealchecker’s UK position in the sector.

Mark Attwell, managing director at Dealchecker, said: “We are looking to nurture recent growth and strengthen our brand presence through alliances with complimentary UK travel businesses, particularly with travel editorial companies and tourist boards.

“Products suited to the comparison sector are also of interest to us.”

Easyvoyage describes itself as one of the French “pioneers” of e-tourism.

Launched in 2001, the brand now has more than three million visitors daily.

Easyvoyage acquired Dealchecker in 2011 to strengthen its Europe-wide presence. The company also has similar travel partners in Spain, Germany and Italy.

Webedia continues to share its expertise in traffic generation and monetization of audiences across a broad international market.

Easyvoyage management “continues to drive the company” alongside Webedia and retains a 30% stake.

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