Dohop unveils new flight search tools

Press release – 21 August 2008 – has released a updated version of its global flight search engine. The update includes several improvements aimed at making money saving flight combinations easier to find.

Where other search engines simply list the pre-arranged flights from airlines or travel agencies, searches deeper and suggests possible flight combinations that may include low cost carriers.

The results can sometimes include surprisingly low fares and usually more alternatives for departure and arrival timings. The potential savings in money and time can be substantial.

Founder Frosti Sigurjonsson said: “As the cost of air travel keeps going up it becomes more important for consumers to search widely and compare before they book. Dohop’s latest release is packed with flight information that’s difficult to find in one place elsewhere and offers search features that help people spot cheap flight options, and connections with low-cost airlines.” compares rates from airlines and travel agents and provides route maps and information on what airlines flies where. Multiple ticket itineraries can sometimes save hundreds of dollars in fares, at other times booking with a single vendor may be the best option – is designed to present all options without bias, and allows for easy sorting and filtering to fit the preferences of each user.
Sigurjonsson added: “Sometimes it’s not even about the price of the tickets, if you can shorten the trip by one stop and six  hours of a flight to the family vacation, and it costs you just a little bit more, it’s not even a tough choice.”

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