Skyscanner deploys Google’s Nearby and Physical Web to target consumers

Skyscanner deploys Google’s Nearby and Physical Web to target consumers

Skyscanner has launched an engagement campaign targeting consumers on the move via Google’s Nearby and Physical Web.

The campaign, in partnership with Airport Media, Exterion Media, Primesight and Ubiquitous, utilises Proxama’s beacon network.

Skyscanner can “drive consumer engagement with hard-to-reach consumers” and “maximise dwell time”.

The three campaigns aim to inspire people to explore their travel options and share their experiences on social media.

Advertisements alert consumers to prizes, offers and apps via Google’s Nearby, which utilises the Physical Web for website discoveries attached to locations.

The consumer will receive a notification when near a beacon, encouraging them to engage with Skyscanner content.

Notifications include the opportunity to win a Trip to New York, a free download of The London Guide with special travel offers and Facescanner, which encourages consumers to upload their photo to be given travel recommendations based on their mood.


The campaigns are running across multiple locations and outdoor, including London buses, Gatwick airport, Glasgow metro and selected cinemas.

Skyscanner is also utilising in-app mobile display advertising via Mapway’s Bus London app on iOS and Android.

“Consumers have more choice in travel destinations than ever before – deciding where to go can be a tough decision,” said Elise Hilditch, marketing manager UK and Ireland at Skyscanner.

“Our job isn’t just to help travellers find the best travel options at the best prices, it’s also to provide inspiration.”

John Kennedy, chief executive at Proxama, added: “The Physical Web is creating new and innovative ways for brands to better engage consumers. Integrating rich digital content, outdoor media, print advertising and beacon technology, opens up highly sought after demographics on the move – usually during dwell time, when they are most responsive to relevant and timely offers, prizes and apps.

“Nearby is a natural next step for the Physical Web and means even more consumers can engage.

“Skyscanner’s campaign is truly pioneering.

“It is the first time the Physical Web will be used to deliver multiple engagements, across multiple locations, using multiple media assets.

Skyscanner Face3

“It perfectly demonstrates Proxama’s strategy of enabling brands to reach consumers via our multiple channel beacon network.

“I’m confident that the results will provide a benchmark for success, as well as a testament to the Physical Web’s potential to deliver truly compelling consumer experiences.”

Nearby Notifications helps consumers to discover content with their Android phones by conjuring location-specific notifications triggered from beacons.

Nearby works with all web browsers and will open the Physical Web link in any browser that the consumer chooses.

Physical Web notifications are delivered using Google Chrome, however the Physical Web feature in Chrome is silenced if consumers have Nearby enabled.

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