Anywhere Search tool unveiled by momondo

Anywhere Search tool unveiled by momondo

Almost 10% of prospective customers do not search for flights to a specific destination, but to entire countries or regions.

Research carried out by travel search engine Momondo shows that many users do not know specifically where they want to travel to.

According to Momondo’s new Anywhere Search tool, almost one tenth of global users search for flights to entire countries or regions, instead of searching for specific airports.

“The share of people searching for entire regions is actually as large as those who search for direct flights only,” said Momondo spokesman Lasse Skole Hansen.

“That is surprisingly many, when we consider that lots of travellers take direct flights for granted, particularly in Europe.”

He continued: “Many think of travel as just relaxation, but according to our latest global study, an astounding 79% use travel to experience new places.”

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