MTT gives Copa Airlines’ apps a refresh

MTT gives Copa Airlines’ apps a refresh

The rejuvenated apps, on iOS and Android, are part of Copa Airlines’ wider digital transformation strategy to meet the needs of its “increasingly digital savvy customers”.

The apps, available in Spanish, Portuguese and English, have a focus on ease of use to ensure wide adoption among the airline’s millions of passengers in North, Central and South America and The Caribbean.

They have a smooth check-in flow, interactive seat map, real-time flight status information and other information such as flight dates and booking references.

Passengers can also access and manage their ‘Connect Miles’ via a personalised dashboard in the app.

Further enhancements are planned in future updates.

“We remain in constant innovation to continue providing the best options for our travellers,” said Marco Ocando, senior marketing, e-business and communications director of Copa Airlines.

“As part of our strategy of digital transformation we seek to modernise our platforms, and together with MTT, we expect to overturn the traditional travel planning and verification progress to a more interactive and user-friendly model.”

David Moran, chief executive of MTT, said: “Copa Airlines is a leading Latin American airline with a strong reputation for delivering excellent customer service.

“It’s been fantastic to work with them to extend their level of commitment to customer service through new sophisticated mobile and digital travel services.

“I firmly believe they will make travel with Copa Airlines an easier, more connected and more enjoyable experience.

“We look forward to continuing our ongoing collaboration with Copa Airlines and bringing further digital travel services to their customers.”

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