The Train Line launches ticket alert service

The Train Line launches ticket alert service

Press release – 21 August 2008 – The Train Line

In a climate where consumers are battling to keep costs down, has launched Ticket Alert, a new service that allows consumers to make significant savings on the cost of their rail travel.  
Ticket Alert enables customers to sign up for email alerts, via website, which notify them as soon as advance tickets become available for specific journeys, which the customer pre-selects. 
Advance tickets are single fares available up to 12 weeks before departure. 

By booking in advance, even up to  the day before departure, rail travellers can achieve average savings of 39% when compared to buying the ticket on the day.

With the introduction of email alerts, customers now have the advantage of making even greater savings by purchasing tickets as soon as they become available. 
Ticket Alert means customers no longer have to keep checking a website to see when advance tickets are available.  TheTrainline now does the checking and searching on their behalf.

Via the Ticket Alert homepage, customers will also be able to view the train companies’ booking horizons, showing how far in advance tickets are available for purchase.
If advance tickets are not available for the chosen journey, customers will receive notification through Ticket Alert one week before the scheduled departure date.

TheTrainline will then provide another option for the journey, guiding them to the cheapest alternative fare availability for their travel date. 
Customers can sign up for Alerts from TheTrainline homepage or go direct to
Ben Pearson, commercial director of TheTrainline, said: “In today’s economic climate it is more important than ever to offer customers innovative ways to help them save.  
“TheTrainline’s Ticket Alert will make it easier for customers to find advance tickets and make considerable time and cost savings before their journey.

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