Tigerbay launches new third generation CMS for tour operators

Tigerbay launches new third generation CMS for tour operators

Tigerbay has launched a third generation Content Management System for tour operators to enable them to develop new websites without the need of developer expertise.

The Cardiff-based travel technology specialist says the new technology allow clients to “present content and assets in a clear, concise, appealing manner across all devices, with no restrictions on design and presentation”.

The new CMS also has ‘versioning’ function that gives tour operators the flexibility to easily roll back to a previous version if needed.

The new system supports multiple websites, a vital factor a number of Tigerbay’s clients some of whom operate multiple brands and websites powered by the Tigerbay system.

The CMS will allow tour operator to differentiate content for the same product when selling via agents and affiliates.

Tigerbay says it has plans to work with its tour operator clients to provide their agents and affiliates with a B2B2C white label site running on the new CMS.

Carl Morgan, Tigerbay’s managing director, said: “It is possible for travel companies to use a generic CMS, however we believe that travel companies, particularly in the specialist market, need to market and present their product in an individual way and in a manner that best suits the product and target audience.

“The research and purchasing decision to buy a three-week tour of China with bespoke elements is very different to simply purchasing a kettle online. As such a tour operator’s website needs to work appropriately with the CMS enabling flexible search, creativity and individuality.”

Tigerbay is working with an escorted tours operator on a phased implementation to roll out its full platform to 200 employees.

Phase 1 of the project is to provide a new B2C website and digital agency Melt Content have been commissioned to provide the design and are the first to work with the new CMS.

Dan Miles, business development director at Melt Content, said: “The fact that the CMS has been developed specifically for tour operators has enabled us to do our job creatively and efficiently.

“This purpose-built CMS adheres to latest best practice and is inherently flexible. We found no restrictions in terms of the design of the site, ensuring the tour operator’s new site is exactly as they want it in order to best service their customers.”

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