Travel Counsellors’ first app focuses on personalisation

Travel Counsellors’ first app focuses on personalisation

The first consumer app to be created by Travel Counsellors has been revealed.

The ‘my TC’ app has been developed to further strengthen the home working agency’s core principles of customer care.

It was soft launched to 80 Travel Counsellors last month across the company’s seven global operations, with 350 corporate and leisure customers trailing the app, who provided feedback prior to a formal release this week.

The app has been accessed 1,300 times and viewed in 25 countries so far.

‘My TC’ allows Travel Counsellors to personalise booking information with imagery, names and trip notes on each part of the journey, as well as giving a countdown of upcoming trips.

Customers will also have the ability to share details of their trip via e-mail and social media.

The independent travel company has partnered with mobile app developer Apadmi to develop ‘my TC’.

Available from Apple’s App Store and Google Play, it provides customers with instant access to travel information, itineraries and travel documents.

It also offers constant contact with the customer’s Travel Counsellor if required as part of a focus on making the experience as personalised as possible.

Travel Counsellors IT director, Rob Snelson, said: “Travel Counsellors is synonymous with high levels of personal service and that unique selling point has been encapsulated through a digital medium with the launch of this app.

“Using the very best technology combined with a caring heart to connect people is fundamental to our business and that is brought to light with this latest development.”

Snelson added: “This is the first phase in an ongoing programme of development for the app, with further features and functionality planned for roll-out over the coming months.”

Liverpool-based Travel Counsellor Karen Hogan, who was part of the focus group, said: “My customers love the new app. I have had feedback that it makes such a difference to them when they’re on the move, as they can get in contact with me at the touch of a button and can access all their documentation wherever they are in the world, even without Wi-Fi.

“It definitely won’t replace the personal relationship I have with them, but I think it’ll actually enhance the service I provide.

“There are clear benefits for my business too – with the sharing functionality, customers can easily pass on my details and post on social media about their fantastic experience.”

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