Holidaymakers’ smartphone habits revealed by research

Holidaymakers’ smartphone habits revealed by research

Holidaymakers spend 50% more time on their smartphone than they do sunbathing, according a global study by

The Mobile Travel Tracker – a study of 9,200 travellers across 31 countries – shows that holidaymakers spend on average two hours a day topping up their tan, compared to three hours a day on their mobile devices.

Almost 10% of travellers will spend more than seven hours a day with their smartphone in their hand.

Globally, 40% of travellers are using social media to post on social media about their holidays, but only 22.33% of Britons.

While 27% of global respondents admitted to ‘checking-in’ to show off their holiday, only 13% of Brits admitted to doing this.

While 75% of Brits list Wi-Fi access in hotels as being an important deciding factor when booking hotels, 20% claim their mobile devices are their most valuable source of information while away.

Mobile devices are most often used for:
• Restaurants and food markets (40.33%)
• Sights / tourist attractions to go and see (37.67%)
• Local public transport information (19.67%)
• Maps and directions (38.67%)

Although social media access plays a huge part in Britons’ use of the smartphone, messaging and music also play a huge role.

Top five mobile uses for Brits abroad (when given access to Wi-Fi):
• Social Media (42%)
• Messaging (31%)
• Mapping (23%)
•News Service (22%)
•Travel (21%)

The research also shows that 46% of people globally use their smartphone to get around thanks to map apps, and a further 20% use them to translate local words or phrases.

Around the world, 14% of travellers have used their mobile device to check into their hotel and another 5% have used their device as a room key.

Checking the weather forecast in their destination also seems to be very popular for Brits abroad with almost 32% checking this.

Dan Craig, senior director of mobile at, said: “For travellers the mobile effect begins with booking, as 42% of people in our study have booked a hotel on mobile.

“It’s therefore no surprise that today’s modern tourist is so reliant on their smartphone, and as technology is advancing it’s becoming a more indispensable travel companion.”

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