claims surge in ‘break from Brexit’ searches claims surge in ‘break from Brexit’ searches

Consumers have been searching for a break from Brexit ahead of today’s EU referendum vote, new data from claims.

There has been more than a 35% increase in people looking to go on holiday today over June 23 last year.

The results come as neither side commands a clear lead and with uncertainty surrounding the implications of a potential Brexit.

The booking site has seen an almost doubling of searches to Barcelona, a 70% rise in people looking to book Amsterdam and nearly 75% increase in searches for Berlin.

Searches for New York were up by almost 30%, Las Vegas 20% and Tokyo 30%.

However interest in UK destinations fell year-on-year with Edinburgh down by 30%, Manchester down 20% and Glasgow down 5%.

A spokesman said: “Whether it’s the frankly abysmal weather we’ve been having or a desire to get away from all the talk of Brexit, we’ve definitely noticed an increase in UK searches for hotel check-ins on the day of the EU referendum. It looks like some Brits might prefer to join the ‘brexodus’ to sunnier climes.”

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