Revinate launches Google review publishing for Surveys

Revinate launches Google review publishing for Surveys

Hotel technology company Revinate has launched Google review publishing for its Surveys product.

Revinate Surveys customers can now collect Google reviews while acquiring guest feedback with post-stay email surveys.

Previously, Revinate Surveys customers could use post-stay surveys to collect TripAdvisor reviews, a feature which the firm claims has shown an average 409% increase in review volume and a 15% improvement in TripAdvisor market index ranking.

Now, Revinate Surveys customers have the option to collect reviews for either Google or TripAdvisor to drive review volume on one of the two travel search giants.

A property’s Google review count and score are factored into Google’s local search ranking. Hotels that are using Google review publishing for Revinate Surveys have already seen promising results, according to the firm.

“With this feature addition to Revinate Surveys, Revinate continues to innovate and create choices for our customers,” said Marc Heyneker, chief executive of Revinate.

“This incredibly simple solution creates flexibility, allowing hoteliers to adopt a holistic multi-channel review strategy and identify the best way to support their own marketing goals.”

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