Cheapflights deploys push notifications and grows trade partners

Cheapflights deploys push notifications and grows trade partners

Cheapflights has begun using push notifications as part of its drive to “build out more choice for consumers” and is seeing its number of trade partners grow.

The brand has undergone somewhat of a transition of late and unveiled a new strapline at the end of last year as part of a transition from being mainly a deals publisher to a metasearch business.

“We’ve started doing push notifications,” said Andrew Shelton, managing director of Cheapflights.

“We’ve been working with partners who have got good deals – both for the metasearch and the deals publishing.

“We’ve been working with airlines so when they have a seat sale, we’ll alert relevant users to that.

“We did one with Netflights and Eva Air last week and we’ve been doing them in the US as well.”

Shelton said the brand is now getting 2.7 million visitors on its site per month.

“Newsletter (deals publishing) is doing really well too,” said Shelton.

“It’s now sent to 3.6 million households in the UK and growing.

“We’ve seen it rise 25% year on year which is very good bearing in mind this is an established business.

“We are integrating what we do with newsletter into what we do with meta.

“Our customers coming for metasearch, we are able to offer our newsletter product to as well.”

Shelton also said the number of trade partners it works with on deals publishing – including Flight Centre and Teletext Holidays – is growing.

“We’ll segment the email based on what they’re looking for and what we think is appropriate,” he said.

“We’ll send it then review how it did – we want a happy subscriber and they want to convert.

“We have more than 100 trade partners and that’s growing all the time.

“People write off email and they shouldn’t because it is a very powerful tool.

“What we’re trying to do is build a brand, not just grab any traffic that’s coming through.”

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