Skyscanner powers new John Lennon Airport website flight search

Passengers planning to travel from Liverpool John Lennon airport can access a bespoke Skyscanner flight search engine application within its website to find the lowest priced fares.

Liverpool claims to be first airport to build and launch a website-based flight search service using the Skyscanner API, which connects passengers to flight comparison data.

The dedicated flight search feature is powered by Skyscanner’s dedicated B2B arm, Skyscanner for Business.

The airport introduced a more user friendly website earlier this year and this latest development is designed to help passengers by accessing the lowest rates available from Liverpool.

Marketing director Sarah Barrett said: “Our ‘Faster, Easier, Friendlier’ benefits run across all aspects of the passenger experience, including how we engage with our customers to make booking the lowest priced flights from Liverpool as simple as possible via our website.

“By being the first airport to work with Skyscanner in this way, this is another example of our innovative approach towards creating the Airport our region loves.”

Skyscanner senior commercial manager Mike Ferguson added: “We are pleased to be able to partner with Liverpool John Lennon airport to offer our powerful flight search data to the airport’s passengers.

“Skyscanner’s comprehensive global results means we are able to offer Liverpool airport passengers a solution that makes travel planning and booking as easy as possible.”

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