Hotel mobile apps ‘underwhelming’ finds QikServe’s research

Hotel mobile apps ‘underwhelming’ finds QikServe’s research

Consumers are “overwhelmingly underwhelmed” by the hotel mobile apps on offer. That is the finding of mobile order and payment specialist QikServe.

A survey found that more than two-thirds of consumers are using their mobile phone to research, book and pay for services relating to travel.

But 81% of respondents felt hotel apps were “behind the times” or lacking functionality, or were unaware that they existed.

The survey did find demand for useful hotel apps however.

As well as making bookings, checking in and out and accessing general hotel information, respondents felt that other features such as pre-ordering at hotel bars and restaurants or ordering food and drinks in other areas of the hotel would also be useful in a mobile app.

Daniel Rodgers, chief executive at QikServe, said: “These responses were from a group that is happily using apps for flight boarding passes, researching timetables, booking restaurants and so on, so this is a lost opportunity for the hotel sector, particularly as much of the functionality demanded by travellers relates to revenue generation opportunities for hotels.

“And nearly half the respondents were keen on using apps to receive special offers and manage loyalty accounts, which would provide ongoing marketing opportunities for hotels.

“Many hotels have made significant investments in developing mobile apps, so in some cases this lack of knowledge may be just down to poor promotion, but low adoption could also be because apps aren’t covering the range of functionality for them to become habit-forming for guests, or that they aren’t integrated well.

“The consequences of getting it wrong will be damaging to the hotel brand and result in lost customers – especially Millennials or Generation Z, many of whom expect a high level of mobile service from the brands they choose to use.”

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