ICE ICT travel tech consultancy appoints non-executive director to drive growth

ICE ICT travel tech consultancy appoints non-executive director to drive growth

Travel IT consultancy ICE ICT has appointed Nick Stephens as non-executive director.

Stephens has been appointed to be an independent voice on the board, ICE ICT saying it will benefit from his extensive international experience to grow the business.

Conor Byrne, director at ICE ICT, said: “We are extremely pleased to welcome Nick Stephens as Non-Executive Director.

“We are looking forward to working with him on our strategy moving forwards and we believe that we will benefit greatly from his input.”

Ian Richardson, another ICE ICT director added: “Conor and I setup ICE ICT in 2007. We are proud of how far it has come, but at the same time we see the importance of having input from someone who can stand back from the day-to-day running and advise us based on a wealth of experience.”

Stephens said: “ICE ICT is an innovative and energetic company offering some great solutions and services to help travel and cruise companies navigate the tricky world of IT.

“The directors have a great pride in what they do and I look forward to working with them to offer advice and insight to make the company even stronger.”

Stephens is a law graduate with broad commercial experience in various roles across a variety of industries.

He has extensive experience building businesses in business to business services, property, occupational health, pharmaceuticals, and executive search, amongst others.

He has been a Director of the RSA Group since 1986 and joined the business full-time in 1995.

In his role at RSA, he is responsible for leading the strategy of the business, driving the creation of new ventures across the world and supporting the development of new value added services.

Outside of his role at RSA, Nick runs board reviews and development programmes for VC-backed and quoted organisations in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, charities, and government agencies.

ICE ICT provides technology solutions and services to the travel and cruise industry.

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