Gogobot’s new app deploys artifical intelligence

Gogobot’s new app deploys artifical intelligence

City guides specialist Gogobot claims its new iOS app is the first travel app to use artificial intelligence to predict what users want to see and visit.

Zaid Al Husseini, product vice-president, said most apps are “old-fashioned” and “generic search-based products” which target the lowest common denominator.

However, Travis Katz, founder and chief executive of Gogobot, said: “We want you to spend your time having amazing experiences, not searching for them on your tiny bright screen.

“The new Gogobot app will actually be able to predict what you are looking for, so you don’t have to search at all, leveraging data from millions of queries to help identify the right things to do at the exactly the right time.”

The app incorporates an algorithm that takes millions of data points, including what people search for at different times of day or how far they might typically travel for different activities in different locations.

It knows if the user is a local, and will skip the tourist traps but if the user is in a city that is unfamiliar it will highlight must-see spots.

Recommendations are also based on the Gogobot Tribes that users have selected, so Budget and Family Travellers will see different recommendations to those in the Luxury, Nightlife or Wellness tribes.

These features are now live on Gogobot’s iOS app and will be coming to Gogobot’s Android app soon.

Gogobot marked its fifth anniversary in 2015 and claims that more than 10 million people used Gogobot to plan and research places to go in the last year.

It has more than one million reviews, five million photos and postcards as well as 60,000 city guides available on both the Gogobot website and its apps.

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