Skyscanner app integrates Routehappy flight scores

Rich content platform Routehappy has announced a new partnership with Skyscanner to pilot flight scores and amenities from its API into the travel search site’s app.

The integration will allow Skyscanner app users to see and compare amenities by flight and cabin.

Routehappy’s flight scores are an objective overall measure of aircraft, seat, layout, amenities, and relative duration.

Its flight amenities are designed to make it easy for flyers to understand key differences between flights, including aircraft, seat, layout, entertainment, Wi-Fi and fresh food.

Both can be integrated into flight shopping results using Routehappy’s API.

Skyscanner will also have access to the Routehappy hub API, from which it can integrate standardized rich content provided by airlines.

Piero Sierra, senior director, flights at Skyscanner, said: “We’re excited to be testing various use-cases with Routehappy on our apps.

“Skyscanner shows travellers a huge range of options for their selected route, and this pilot will allow consumers to compare extra information alongside timings and price.

“It’s all part of giving more clarity in choice.”

Jonathan Savitch, vice president business development at Routehappy, said: “Skyscanner integrating flight differentiation content via Routehappy is another major step towards de-commoditization of flight shopping.

“Airlines are investing heavily in the passenger in-flight experience, and flyers will soon be able to compare these when searching for flights on Skyscanner.”The Routehappy Skyscanner pilot follows recent Routehappy adoption announcements by United Airlines, Sabre Corporation, Delta Air Lines, Farelogix and Travix.

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