Global Travel Group poised to start rollout of bespoke mid-office Traveltek system

Global Travel Group poised to start rollout of bespoke mid-office Traveltek system

The Global Travel Group is replacing its own mid-office technology with a bespoke system being developed by Traveltek.

The existing system was built in-house for the now defunct Triton Travel Group, the super-consortium that included Global, Worldchoice and Advantage.

Andy Stark, managing director of Global, said the group took the decision 18 months ago to not develop its own technology any further and find a third party solution.

The group already uses Traveltek’s front office iSell software.

“We decided almost a year ago to work with Traveltek to develop and build bespoke mid-office that will replace the current in-house technology we have got.

“It’s very costly to maintain your own technology and you have to consider if what you have got is the best and are you continually developing it.”

Stark said a number of third party technology suppliers were considered but Traveltek was chosen because it’s system is well known in the industry.

He said this means new agents coming into Global will be able to use it because it immediately will be familiar to them.

“If you have agents used to working with Traveltek products it’s easy to transition across,” said Stark.

The bespoke system will sit between iSell and Global’s trust account technology through which all payments taken by agents, except those in its Independent Options division, are funnelled.

The new system will enable agents to operate their businesses in a more flexible way, including offering access on mobile devices.

It will be integrated over the next six to 12 months, said Stark, who said the group will start to discuss the roll out with members in the next three months.

Global will trial the technology ahead of full roll out to test how it responds to various booking patterns.

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