Movida debuts Travelport’s next-generation XML connection

Movida debuts Travelport’s next-generation XML connection

Brazilian car rental firm Movida is the first supplier to go live with a next-generation XML connection solution for the sector developed by Travelport.

This enables Travelport-connected travel agencies worldwide to access additional car content via the travel commerce platform.

Movida claims the youngest fleet in Brazil with stores in major cities and airports across the country.

The new solution is designed to enable car rental companies to distribute their content across Travelport’s platform using modern XML technology, in addition to the ways they already connect.

Travelport hospitality’s senior vice president and managing director, Niklas Andreen, said: “We see Latin America as a big growth region for us and Brazil is a strategically important country within it.

“This new agreement with Movida is therefore a big step forward for our business. This is also great news for travel agents across the globe who can expect extra car rental content via Travelport.”

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