Flightfinder parent selects Worldpay as partner to support expansion in 18 overseas markets

Flightfinder parent selects Worldpay as partner to support expansion in 18 overseas markets

Northern European OTA group Uvet Nordic, the parent of Flightfinder, has struck a deal with Worldpay to become its exclusive online payments provider.

The Swedish company is poised to expand in 18 overseas markets globally and selected Worlday to help it provide a consistent and tailored experience in all markets.

The countries it is targeting include Italy, France, Germany, the UK, and Russia and the Worldpay deal will allow it to offer conventional as well as emerging payments methods in these markets.

Part of the Uvet Global Business Travel Group, the company currently operates in 12 European countries, with brands Flightfinder, Airfinder, Farefinder, FlyUvet, Doodle, Travelstore, and Flygpoolen.

Worldpay said its insight into customer data and local spending habits will “help inform Uvet Nordic’s global strategy, enabling the company to tailor its service to the preferences of travellers in each country”.

Working with one provider also means Uvet Nordic will avoid the complications of dealing with multiple payment processors in multiple markets as it continues to grow, added Worldpay.

Patric Wagenknecht, chief executive of Uvet Nordic, said: “Our ambition isn’t just to grow as a company; it is to deliver the best online shopping experience for our customers globally by offering local payment solutions and customer services in each market we operate in.

“Worldpay is the perfect partner. They have the global expertise and full range of services we need to continue expanding internationally while delivering the personalised experience our customers’ value.”

Thomas Helldorff, vice president travel and airlines, global ecommerce at Worldpay, added: “Today’s consumers want to use their preferred payment options when booking flights and hotels.

“The challenge for online travel agencies is to deliver this localised service in each market while keeping complexity to a minimum as they continuing to grow.

“Our years of international experience and granular view of local payment behaviours help companies like Flightfinder understand their customers in more detail, which allows them to deliver a more personal and convenient online experience to travellers in every country they serve.”

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