launches travel search engine based on the budget and dates launches travel search engine based on the budget and dates claims to have launched the first travel search engine to produce holiday destination results based purely on the customer’s budget and travel dates.

The website aggregates package holiday pricing from a number of partners including Thomson, First Choice, Thomas Cook and On the Beach.

Customers can search for a holiday without knowing the destination they want to visit in advance.

“I saw a gap in the market for a search engine that simplified the holiday search process. It seemed to me that all of the current websites expected the customer to arrive having done all the hard work themselves,” said Tom Davies, founder.

“I believe that not only saves the customer a lot of research time, but also allows them to discover destinations they wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

“The original concept came from my own holiday experiences where hours would be spent searching for destinations that matched my budget, often being bombarded with cheap deals rather than displaying all of the options available.

“When I then saw this trend emerging through customer feedback within the industry, I decided there must be a better way to deliver holiday search.” allows the customer to pivot their destination results based on flight time and temperature preferences and there are plans for more options.

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