SilverRail powers Traveline Cymru’s journey planner

SilverRail powers Traveline Cymru’s journey planner

Rail search and booking technology specialist SilverRail now powers an improved journey planner for Traveline Cymru customers.

Traveline Cymru is a not-for-profit business funded by the Welsh Government and based on a partnership between local authorities and public transport operators.

The updated journey planner streamlines the processing and management of timetable and mapping data for all modes of transport across the Traveline network.

SilverRail’s technology – SilverSearch – applies proprietary algorithms to the transport data managed by Traveline Cymru in order to provide streamlined door-to-door journey plans and travel information for their website and mobile apps.

There are three new suppliers: SilverRail, Omnibus and Spindogs.

Graham Walter, managing director at Traveline Cymru, said: “SilverRail has helped us on our journey of transformation, empowering us to put the customer at the heart of everything we do and enabling us to provide our customers with a greater variety of journey options.

“As well as being flexible across channels to serve both our mobile and website searches, the technology supplied by SilverRail has allowed us to continually adapt to our customers’ needs.

“Traveline Cymru focuses entirely on the customer. As a result, we have involved them throughout this ambitious project, collating feedback to ensure that we create the optimum experience. An example of this is the new direct route search functionality.

“Feedback showed us that not all customers preferred the fastest route, but that a high proportion preferred not to change buses at all if possible.

“Now, with the help of SilverRail, we are able to present appropriate and simple options for them to plan journeys according to their personal preferences.”

Since the website relaunch, the new planner has resulted in a 39% uplift in the number of customers using the website, with half a million journey plans shown to Traveline Cymru online customers in the latest month.

Francis Lee, vice president, service delivery at SilverRail, said: “Information on the move is the future, and it was essential for Traveline Cymru to offer an agile service to its customers.

“Our technology has tamed the immense complexity of the transport data, providing customers with a complete picture of their end-to-end journey, and enabling them to make better informed travel decisions.

“This is the future of travel planning, and we are delighted that Traveline Cymru chose SilverRail to collaboratively transform their customers’ journey planning experience.”

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