Skyscanner increases satisfaction using self-service customer service platform

Skyscanner has reported a 16% uplift in customer satisfaction levels after launching cloud-based technology provider Zendesk’s customer service platform.

The site saw levels shift from 76% to 92% in 12 months. Skyscanner’s customer service function now supports 32 different languages and with the help of Zendesk’s platform it has put a greater emphasis on self-service, giving users of the site greater autonomy and flexibility.

Less than 0.5% of those using the help function have actually had to raise a ticket, as the platform can answer most questions that customers have.

Zendesk said customers can find answers to their questions quicker, without having to wait for a response, and from an internal perspective, customer service agents are freed up to deal with larger issues.

Jon Thorne, senior user satisfaction manager at Skyscanner, said: “The customer self-service function of the platform has led to a massive increase in customer satisfaction.

“We have a team of just nine agents who look after approximately 100 million sessions on a global scale, but this would be impossible without a service platform that can think and act independently based on a self-learning function that allows our customers to self-serve.”

Skyscanner’s speed of response went from 17 hours to less than three hours in 12 months.

Henry Thompson, director of customer success EMEA at Zendesk, said: “We’ve been working in partnership with Skyscanner for three years, and the progress we’ve seen when it comes to generating increased levels of customer satisfaction has been outstanding.

“Skyscanner is a prime example of how companies can implement great customer service, on a consistent basis, and if you consider the number of interactions a company like Skyscanner has with its large number of customers; it’s a lesson that should be learnt by other businesses who haven’t yet invested in a customer service platform.”

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