Travelport Mobile Agent becomes available on Windows devices

Travelport Mobile Agent becomes available on Windows devices

Travelport Mobile Agent has become available on Windows-powered smart phones.

The tool, developed by technology solutions partner TTS, allows agents to access the Travelport platform remotely via their mobile or tablet device.

It means they can still advise their customers on travel options or make amends to existing reservations when away from the office.

The tool also synchronises across all mobile devices, allowing agents to start working on a customer’s booking on one device and complete or amend it on another.

Travelport Mobile Agent, first released five years ago, now runs on more than 10,000 different mobile devices.

The initial release was available for all Apple mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads. In 2012 the device support was extended to Android smartphones and tablets and now from Windows.

TTS chief operating officer, Rui Figueiredo, said: “As mobile technology evolves, so does Travelport Mobile Agent and we are thrilled that this newly released version, packed with all the features customers love is now available for the first time on the Windows mobile platform.”

Jason Clarke, Travelport’s global managing director for agency commerce, claimed: “Travelport and TTS are leading their competitors in this area and no one else can offer travel agents the same suite of comprehensive solutions, designed and built specifically for mobile and across multiple devices.

“Travelport’s partnership with TTS demonstrates our continued commitment to working collaboratively with third parties to deliver innovative products for the global travel industry as well as delivering the very best in mobile technology.”

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