Skyscanner reveals top airports for ‘self-connect’ passengers [Infographic]

Skyscanner reveals top airports for ‘self-connect’ passengers [Infographic]

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Airports in Dublin, Los Angeles and Singapore’s Changi airport have emerged as the top in their respective regions for ‘self-connecting’ between airlines.

A study by travel search engine Skyscanner covers ‘self-connect’ passengers who build their own itineraries, travelling on two separate tickets often with different carriers to save money or for stop-over tourism.

The data shows that self-connections are on the rise, with the average percentage of users choosing to self-connect over taking a flight route with a single carrier last year increasing to 12.6% from 11.6% in 2014.

The analysis is based on data collected from the search engine’s 50 million monthly users searching for flights.

Skyscanner commercial director Hugh Aitken said: “In the age of the savvy traveller, and with the growth of low-cost carriers, an increasing number of passengers are more aware of their options, choosing to self-connect their travel as a result.

“For both airports and airlines, having a full picture of the searches and bookings passengers are making, including their preferences for connections, routes and pricing, is essential if they are to capitalise on the market.”

Skyscanner Infographic

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