‘Meta-meta’ site hit by partner concerns

‘Meta-meta’ site hit by partner concerns

Cheap-flights-finder.com, a new site which aims to aggregate meta search engine results, has been struck an early blow after Travelsupermarket order its feed to be axed from the site.

The site, which has positioned itself as a meta-meta search, was launched officially last week with the aim of allowing consumers to find fares and availability from a number of meta search engines.

The main section of the site compares results from Kelkoo, Kayak, Dohop, Sykscanner and Mobissimo.

A separate section, which the site’s owners hoped to be integrate shortly in to the main system to give users comprehensive search facilities across six sites, featured Travelsupemarket.

The site has affiliate deals with Kayak, Kelkoo and Travelsupermarket.

However it soon emerged after the site’s launch last week that Travelsupermarket had ordered Cheap-flights-finder to remove its feed from the site.

A Travelsupermarket spokesperson said: “We were not aware that the site would be launching in this format and do not feel it offers a good user experience.”

Kayak is understood to be happy with the current arrangement and said it welcomed the traffic it received from the site.

Cheap-flights-finder founder Shahab Siddiqui told Travolution he was “disappointed” with Travelsupermarket’s decision.

He added: “Strange how a company bases its business model on comparing flights from multiple brands yet refuses to have their brand compared with others.

“I am still confident that the site can become a valuable resource for consumers as it is still currently the fastest way to compare some of the most popular flight comparison sites on the net.”

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