Homestay reveals surprising favourite destinations of its top booking nationalities

Homestay reveals surprising favourite destinations of its top booking nationalities

Travellers from Australia, China, India and Saudi Arabia are in the top ten bookers of UK homestays, latest research reveals.

As well as the predictable cities of London, Edinburgh and Bath, statistics compiled by reveal that less well known destinations are also proving popular with foreign travellers.

Bournemouth is the most popular city booked by Spanish visitors after London while Chichester is among the top five most popular cities in the UK for Australians.

Coventry and Hastings are both in the top ten UK cities booked by Germans, while Birmingham and Lancaster were popular choices for Chinese visitors.

Belfast was the most popular city booked by Indians with Coventry in third place and Eastbourne and Cardiff in ninth and tenth place.

Leeds, Lancaster and Burnley all fall within the top 10 cities of choice For Saudi Arabian users of the hosted accommodation marketplace.

The majority of those using the site in the first quarter of the year were travelling on holiday, an increase compared to the same period in 2015.

However, many foreign travellers visiting the UK to study book accommodation with the company, particularly those from Saudi Arabia, Spain, Italy and China

Chief executive, Alan Clarke, said: ‘With so many affordable homestays now available in the UK, we are delighted that people of so many different nationalities around the world are choosing us.

“With our Homestay hosts, guests are getting an authentic holiday and education experience and insider tips that they can’t always expect from standard hotel accommodation.”

The top ten list of non-British nationals booking in the UK with in order of popularity is:

1) French
2) Italian
3) German
4) Spanish
5) Chinese
6) Indian
7) Irish
8) Australian
9) Saudi Arabian
10) American

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