TripAdvisor and eRevMax’s tie-up expands instant booking offering

TripAdvisor and eRevMax’s tie-up expands instant booking offering

Hotel channel manager eRevMax has integrated with TripAdvisor to offer its instant booking feature to its hotel partners.

TripAdvisor’s instant booking functionality now allows travellers to make reservations directly with hotels without leaving its website. The reservations are delivered to the hotels via eRevMax.

“We are happy to announce this certification as our hotel partners will now be able to utilize the instant booking feature on TripAdvisor, said eRevMax chief operating officer Brian Dass.

“This will help them leverage their existing technology and own guest relationships from the moment of the reservation thereby driving more direct bookings and revenue.

ERevMax said it is continuously developing its connectivity solutions to offer a wide network of distribution providers to the hospitality industry.

This includes solutions for the independent market, the mid-market and scaling up through the large, global hotel groups.

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