Taxi Tender’s airport taxi service set to be bookable via Amadeus

Taxi Tender’s airport taxi service set to be bookable via Amadeus

Dutch-based booking platform Taxi Tender’s pre-arranged airport taxi service is to be made available through Amadeus.

This partnership allows travellers to book airport taxis in advance when booking through travel agents, on airline or airport websites.

Taxi Tender, also known as Cheap Taxis or Your Airport Transfer, is available in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

It calculates the average taxi fare per route to and from the airport when booking a trip before the ride is auctioned among local taxi and transfer companies, guaranteeing a fixed price.

Peter Altmann, head of Amadeus Cars & Transfers, said: “After a thorough selection process, we opted for Taxi Tender to become one of our providers.

“Now we can jointly provide all players in the travel industry – worldwide and across all channels – a comprehensive and transparent service offering.

“In this way, we help them to offer a full and smooth travel experience that encompasses every aspect of the customer journey.”

Ojo Meijers, chief executive of Taxi Tender, said: “Through this collaboration we are able to integrate our services with more partners in the travel industry, allowing even more travellers around the world to book their taxi though our system.

“This helps us with the further international rollout of our service and contributes to the strengthening of our position in the growing market for pre-booked taxis. “

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