Avis boosts digital marketing with Web Liquid

Avis boosts digital marketing with Web Liquid

Press release – 8 August 2008 – AvisWeb Liquid

European car rental company Avis has launched digital campaigns to support two new major marketing initiatives: ‘Avis Home Delivery’, which delivers rental cars straight to customers’ doors, and a £1 a day promotion involving 500 cars.

Web Liquid, Avis’ online agency, has co-ordinated both campaigns.

Avis Home Delivery represents the ultimate in car rental convenience, bringing cars direct to customers’ homes on the UK mainland for a premium of as little as £10 each way.

The service saves customers time, removing the need to travel to the nearest rental location to collect their rental car.

Customers can now book Avis Home Delivery online at avis.co.uk or via Avis Central Reservations 0845 818181.

Avis is building awareness and generating Home Delivery bookings via the web. A two-month online campaign, launching at the start of August, will be aimed at a target audience of 25-44 year old ‘convenience seekers’ who live in the UK and have a travel requirement. Banner advertising will carry a pan-UK message, and Avis is also looking at more targeted media for specific rental locations.

Traffic will be diverted to a landing page avis.co.uk/homedelivery and the Home Delivery service will also be seeded on relevant blogs, forums and targeted groups online. It will also be promoted via Avis’ email newsletter and advertised and discussed on wetryharder.co.uk, Avis’ official blog.

Josi Kytle, head of marketing at Avis, commented: “Our customers value convenience and competitive exciting prices. And creating awareness of these offers is paramount for us, as we believe it will help differentiate us from the competition. Web Liquid have proved their digital media expertise to us over the past few years, and we are pleased to have their leadership in launching Avis Home Delivery online.”

Web Liquid is also co-ordinating a three-week online campaign for a promotion, launching August 4th, which offers customers 500 cars for £1 a day at 12 UK airports and 8 European airports across France, Italy, Spain, Portugal. The campaign will target UK residents via regional sites, travel vertical and national sites and traffic will be diverted to http://www.avis.co.uk/500-cars. The promotion is designed to support rentals for the off peak months of September and October, targeting a cost-conscious audience.

Darren Peacock, international marketing manager at Avis, said: “With this promotion, we want to raise Avis’ profile in the consumer’s purchase decision-making process, emphasising that it stands for great value supported by excellent service. Making sure we target the most relevant consumers is hugely important.”

Samir Shah, Media Planner at Web Liquid, said: “We’re very pleased to be working on these two exciting initiatives for Avis. For both the Home Delivery campaign and the £1 promotion, it’s all about raising awareness of Avis’ ‘We Try Harder’ philosophy.

“We believe that getting the digital strategy right will play a key part in achieving success here.”

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