UKinbound launches new website

UKinbound launches new website

Press release – 8 August 2008 – UKinbound

UKinbound today has launched their new improved website.

The association chose to launch today as the number 8 is considered a very lucky number in China and therefore 08.08.08 is seen by the Chinese as particularly auspicious for new ventures.

China is an important new market for inbound tourism and UKinbound welcomes the opportunity to celebrate the industry’s close links with the Chinese tourism community.

Responding to the needs of members and with enhanced search engine optimisation, the new site now offers simpler navigation and many new features for both members and for the wider travel trade. These include:

  • Industry Statistics and Information – find out the latest industry news and views

  • Travel Trade Job Ads – courtesy of UKinbound members

  • Improved Member Search Page – easy access to inbound tour operators and industry suppliers

  • Travel Trade Offers – search for special offers open from UKinbound members

Designed and built by Travelprint, the new site has been previewed by the association’s members who have praised its ease of use and enjoyed the many new member benefits and deals listed in the private members-only area of the site.

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