Tui deploys bd4travel tech to offer real-time personalisation

Tui deploys bd4travel tech to offer real-time personalisation

Tui in Germany aims to provide website users with personalised travel offerings at the time of browsing.

Going forward, customers will receive hotel offers adapted to their needs and their previous search behaviour.

Search filters such as preferred departure airports and topical preferences, such as holiday destinations or hotels, will be stored automatically and used to adjust the content of the website to each individual user.

The real-time personalisation of the website is bring supported by travel technology startup bd4travel which will introduce personalisation features onto the site.

Based on tracking data on the entire click stream on, an anonymous cookie-based user profile is generated. This profile stores the interests of individual users, their progress in the process, their churn risk and shopping basket potential.

This profile information is used to create personalised content, which is then served up on

The personalisation strategy is to be developed to cover multiple devices with profiles for mobile use.

The operator’s digital commerce director, Dirk Föste, said: “Online customers today don’t want a standard, ready-made website that everyone has access to – they want a personalised experience with content and offers tailored solely to their requirements.

“Bd4travel is helping us to understand our users in real time. Together with bd4travel, we are developing a strategy for our online channels based on intelligent personalisation and digital empathy. The level of hyper-personalisation that bd4travel can provide is enormous.

“We’re constantly measuring the results of personalisation measures. So far, the results show a very positive trend. “Over the medium term, we expect the booking probability for customers with personalised content to in-crease significantly.”

Andy Owen-Jones, co-founder and chief executive of bd4travel, said: “Tui has an unbelievably wide product range. Consequently, one of its most important challenges is to offer the right travel product to the right customer – and at the right time.

“We are impressed with the initial results. Tui is definitely leading the way here and offering its customers a real added value in terms of tailored recommendations”.

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