Ryanair will not honour screen-scraped bookings

Ryanair‘s ongoing battle with screen-scrapers has taken another twist this week, with the carrier saying it will “introduce new procedures to cancel all passenger bookings made through screen-scraping websites” starting next week.                     

The comments came in a statement from the airline confirming that bravofly.com had agreed to stop scraping the Ryanair site.

This follows an injunction in Germany against V-Tours for doing the same.

Howard Millar, the airline’s chief financial officer, said: “Ryanair is continuing to work with our software providers, Navitaire and Microsoft, to proactively eliminate screen-scraping of Ryanair’s website.”

It is not known whether the site can be ring-fenced to prevent it from being accessed by screen scraping technology.

Similarly, the legal position of a customer who has booked a seat on Ryanair via an unauthorised third party link is unclear.

Millar added that the latest move is “a quicker and more effective way of discouraging this unlawful activity”.

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