Google Street View showcases South Africa’s natural wonders

Google Street View showcases South Africa’s natural wonders

Virtual tours of some of South Africa’s top natural attractions will be available via Google Street View.

The search engine giant has created 360-degree images and virtual tours that enable visitors to see the sights for themselves on their phones, tablets or computers.

Visitors will be able to visit elephants in the Kruger National Park, take a virtual walk on Table Mountain, admire Cape Point, or take a walk along Durban’s Golden Mile.

Google has partnered with South African National Parks in collecting the images.

A Google South Africa spokesman said: “We are launching this imagery on Google Maps as part of a campaign to showcase the beauty of South Africa as a tourist destination for local and international travellers.

“South Africa is home to some of the top tourist destinations in the world, home to eight Unesco World Heritage Sites and home to the Kruger National Park – one of Africa’s largest game reserves.

“This imagery seeks to showcase the beauty of the country to those who are interested in virtually traveling here, and will hopefully to inspire them to visit in person.”

A National Parks spokesman added: “Over the last few months, Google Maps has been collecting imagery in a number of national parks in order to bring a broad spectrum of the public closer to exciting wilderness features than they have ever been before.”

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