Specialist OTA highlights Disabled Access Day

Specialist OTA highlights Disabled Access Day

A specialist online booking site is to highlight Disabled Access Day next week.

Access All Rooms was founded by James Price after a diving accident left him two-thirds paralysed and wheelchair dependent.

It claims to be the world’s first hotel booking website to supply access to all room types for disabled and non-disabled customers alike.

Disabled Access Day on March 12 encourages visits to places people have never been before, whether that be a coffee shop or a different country.

The website hosts a global rating system, Global Access Award Scheme, which works as a five-tier rating display based on how readily accessible each hotel is.

Grading’s and listings include a content database for the entire hotel, including access into and around the property or resort.

Adapted bedrooms and bathrooms also feature access specific photographs.

A hotel that achieves a level five rating will have excellent facilities including wider doorways, accessible light switches and a fully adapted bathroom.

Lower grades imply fewer facilities and access, such as narrow doorways, but may still be suitable for many travellers.

Price, a Paralympic torchbearer, said: “I am delighted to be supporting Disabled Access Day and hope that our hotel offering inspires you to visit one of our accessible rooms in Morocco, South Africa or even Malta to celebrate this fantastic day.”

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