Voice activated Skyscanner flight search goes live on Amazon Alexa

Voice activated Skyscanner flight search goes live on Amazon Alexa

An Amazon Echo device, image via Shutterstock

Flight search using voice conversation is being introduced by Skyscanner.

The travel search engine has created the capability for Alexa, the cloud-based voice service behind Amazon Echo.

The Skyscanner service is available through any device using Alexa, including Amazon Echo and the new Fire TV.

It enables Alexa to suggest flights based on a simple conversation about upcoming travel plans.

Users interested in finding a flight can direct Alexa to search for Skyscanner flights using natural language commands.

Alexa then provides the best option found based on the information the user provides.

Skyscanner head of developer advocacy, David Low, said:  “We are thrilled to be the first travel search engine to integrate into Alexa.

“We believe conversational integration is an important evolution feature for the travel industry and now with our inclusion in Alexa, we are making travel planning even easier.”

Amazon Alexa director, Rob Pulciani, added: “We’re happy that customers can now search for flight information from Skyscanner using only their voice.

“That’s why we created an open service. Companies like Skyscanner can use our Alexa Skills Kit to create all new experiences for customers, allowing them to interact with their services in more natural, intuitive ways.”

The Skyscanner service is available in the US on any platform using Alexa.

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