Butlins launches virtual Redcoat

Butlins launches virtual Redcoat

Press release – 7 August 2008 – Butlins

Butlins, part of Bourne Leisure Ltd, have launched Hollie, their virtual Redcoat.

Hollie, a virtual representation of a real Redcoat, is able to offer her help and guidance to visitors to the website. She can tell them what is going on throughout the year and provide information about all the resorts.

Virtual Hollie is currently dealing with thousands of visitors each month. The technology is answering their queries and navigating them around the website. She knows about the key attractions, when famous people are performing and even what time you need to check in. She is even promoting some of the events that are taking place at the resorts over the course of the year.

Staff at Butlins have full access to a wealth of management and customer contact data via the Synthetix analytics service.

They can see all the questions that visitors to the website have. This allows them to make sure that Hollie is always updated to answer any new queries that may arise.

The system also provides detailed management reports to monitor the success of the smartAgent. Hollie is the first live edition of smartAgent Version 4 and has many new features and functions that enhance the system for both the user and the website owner.

Peter McKean, managing director of Synthetix, said: “It is great to see how busy this deployment has become. The technology is lowering CRM costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Synthetix smartAgent saves our customers in excess of 90% of the cost of traditional customer contact solutions, for which we are rightfully proud.”

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