TTE 2016: Open Destinations makes play for niche operators with new SaaS Travel Builder

TTE 2016: Open Destinations makes play for niche operators with new SaaS Travel Builder

Open Destinations expects to see interest from small niche operators for its new simplified version of its Travel Studio software.

Travel Builder is a simplified version of the travel systems specialist’s full tour operating suite offered on a Service as a Software basis.

Phil Napleton, senior vice president of products and professional services at Open Destinations, said Travel Builder does not require the IT skills you would expect a large tour operator has.

“We think it will be really interesting to niche specialist your operators both inbound and outbound. But it’s equally applicable to someone who wants to sell fly and flop,” he said.

Napleton said because the technology is built on top of Travel Studio new functionality can be added if there demand without having to build it from scratch. “We can be quite responsive,” he said.

He said customers will get access to the same integration technology to suppliers as Travel Studios users meaning they can access GDSs and a variety of other wholesalers.

Napleton said customer-facing websites can also been sat on top of it with a library of pre-built modules to construct a fully bookable site.

Open Destinations is already in discussions with a South American inbound operator and small African operators offering experiential trips and itineraries.

Napleton said he expected to see demand in the UK as many agents looks to differentiate themselves by tour operating and offering something unique to them.

“We have worked before with specialist group operators that may have a focus on a particular activity like cycling or swimming as well as specialists in a particular destination.”

Travel Builder is being offered with a low upfront fee to get up and running and then a monthly licence based on modules.

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