Ancillary sales growth boosts Amadeus’s results

Ancillary sales growth boosts Amadeus’s results

Air ticket bookings by travel agents through Amadeus rose by 8.3% to 505 million to outstrip GDS industry growth of 3.9% last year, according to the company.

Amadeus saw an almost doubling of travel agency sales of ancillaries in 2015.

For certain carriers, up to 40% of bookings distributed by OTAs included an ancillary sale.

The came as the number of OTAs with airline ancillaries integrated into their systems tripled year-on-year.

The details emerged as the company reported saw adjusted profit in 2015 grow by 10.4%, to €751.8 million.

This came on the back of a revenue increase of 14.5%, to €3.9 billion against 2014 and earnings [EBITDA] growth of 12.2%, to €1.4 billion.

Amadeus president and chief executive, Luis Maroto, said: “Amadeus enjoyed a highly successful 2015 with strong operational and financial performances.

“We remained highly focused on technology and deployed a consistent strategy of investment in 2015 to support our long-term growth and profitability goals.

“Despite recent economic concerns we are positive for 2016 based upon the expansion of our offering to travel providers, the continuous improvement of our competitive position, the migration of additional carriers to the Altéa platform, the growth of new businesses, and our strengthened position in the low-cost carrier and hybrid segment with the addition of [airline technology provider] Navitaire.”

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