TTE 2016: Overseas expansion drives new business growth for Traveltek

TTE 2016: Overseas expansion drives new business growth for Traveltek

Glasgow-based travel systems developer Traveltek is seeing the greater proportion of new business coming from overseas as it opens more offices in territories outside the UK.

The firm, which is hoping to tie up new private equity funding to drive further overseas expansion says 60% of new business growth is non-UK, meaning it’s mix of business is now around half and half UK versus overseas.

Peter Whittle, global sales director, said Traveltek is very well established in the UK through deals with major retailers like Hays Travel, Barrhead and the Global Travel Group and that growth was coming from emerging tour operators including agents who are increasingly tour operating their own product.

Another area of growth in the UK has been in river cruise, a growing sector Traveltek has taken the initiative in integrating operators into its agency sales technology.

Whittle said work it has done overseas with the likes of Flight Centre in Australia has given it capabilities for wholesaling which have been rolled out for UK clients who are adopting a similar approach.

A recently opened office in Miami is a launchpad for a push into South America with Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica and Colombia being targeted.

Traveltek is also looking to open offices in the Middle and Far East with Dubai, Bangkok and Shanghai being considered once new funding has been secured.

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