Tripwolf launches UK site

Tripwolf launches UK site

Press release – 6 August 2008 – Tripwolf

Today is released publicly to the UK market. Tripwolf is a new social travel guide that covers the whole world, focusing mainly on Europe.

Tripwolf combines professional editorial content with user-generated content from globetrotters worldwide.

Tripwolf is backed by MairDumont, one of Europe’s largest publisher of travel guides including Baedeker, Dumont and Marco Polo.

Through collaboration with Tripwolf, MairDumont has taken the unprecedented step of putting all of its high-quality content – covering more than 200,000 destinations and points of interest – online for free.

On, professional travel content from MairDumont is combined with travel tips from knowledgeable travelers – ‘trip gurus’. The site is rich in content with personal and professional travel photos and videos that give users first-hand glances at their chosen destinations.

Tripwolf aggregates third party content from sites like Wikipedia, Flickr and YouTube, and offers a unique feature: with just a few clicks, users can build and print a personalized free 10-to-20-page travel guide to take along on their trips.

Tripwolf also serves as a platform for exchanging and sharing experiences with other travel enthusiasts and friends from around the world.

“70 percent of travelers ask friends and relatives for travel recommendations,” said Sebastian Heinzel, co-founder and chief executive of Tripwolf.

“Tripwolf reflects this by allowing user to easily import their facebook profile as well as their facebook friends. ‘Travelers want to get the best out of their trips, so they ask trustworthy sources,” said Heinzel.

“We aim to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for travelers,” said Heinzel. “We want to be the leading international travel 2.0 guide.”

German publishing house MairDumont sees great strategic value in its investment in tripwolf. “An intelligent combination of our expert knowledge with the experiences of thousands of travelers is the future for us,” said publisher Stephanie Mair-Huydts. “With tripwolf we use all the benefits and advantages of the internet and web 2.0.”

Tripwolf was conceived in 2007 by Sebastian Heinzel and Alexander Trieb, two globetrotters from Vienna, Austria, with help from internet incubator i5invest. tripwolf was successfully launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland last month.

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