TTE 2016: TigerBay hails acquistion by Atcore and puts focus on growth

TTE 2016: TigerBay hails acquistion by Atcore and puts focus on growth

TigerBay aims to double its team over the next few months and will move to larger offices following its acquisition by travel technology company Atcore.

Interviewed ahead of Travel Technology Europe 2016, at which TigerBay has a stand, managing director Carl Morgan described the firm’s fit with Atcore as “a great one”.

“Short term there will be some change, but not specifically because of the Atcore deal,” he said.“We will remain Tigerbay, a brand and business in our own right.

“We are growing, and need to move office, but will not be joining Atcore in Slough, or merging teams.

“In fact, we are moving within Cardiff to bigger and better offices which can cope with the expansion of our team, as we look to double it over the next few months.

“The tech talent in and around Cardiff is formidable.

“We have access to some of the best tech experts in the world, and to move away from that would be crazy.

“What the Atcore deal does give us, short term, is the financial wherewithal to invest in growth and to move to an environment and employ the people which will best help expand our business.”

Asked what else the acquisition by Atcore will mean for TigerBay, Morgan said: “Essentially we do the same thing, albeit for distinctively different segments of the market.

“At TigerBay we develop and manage technology for small and medium sized specialist tour operators; at Atcore they do the same thing, but for much larger operators.

“We can continue, with even more focus, on developing and growing the business, providing excellent and elegant tech systems for specialist and niche operators, but with the financial security that the Atcore brand brings us.

“And, alongside this, the acquisition means that we will have access to the same hosting platforms and performance testing systems that the biggest players in the industry enjoy.”

Visit TigerBay on stand T14 and Atcore on T318 at TTE

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