Amadeus awarded top employer accolade in the UK

Amadeus awarded top employer accolade in the UK

Amadeus has been named as one of the leading employers in the UK.

The GDS and technology supplier was given the accolade by the Top Employers Institute for the way it nurtures talent and its working environment.

Annual international research, undertaken by the Top Employers Institute, recognises top employers around the world based on the conditions employers create for their people.

Certified Top Employers must offer excellent employee conditions, nurture and develop talent and strive to continuously improve employment practice.

Eleanor Nickerson, director of UK operations for the Top Employers Institute, said:

“The Top Employers Institute examines the HR practices and offerings that each participating company puts in place for its people, to create and maintain optimal employee conditions.

“Our in-depth examination concluded that Amadeus UK provides an outstanding employee experience, with high quality initiatives that engage, reward and motivate employees, ensuring that people can develop themselves personally and professionally, and build a rewarding career.”

Barry Egan, human resources director for Amadeus UK and Ireland added: “Amadeus is known for its award-winning technology, but we never forget that it’s our people who enable customers to adopt our solutions that enable business success.

“That’s why we’re delighted to receive this public recognition from the Top Employers Institute.

“Developing outstanding employee conditions is no accident, it’s the result of continuous efforts and this certification by an independent expert in the field validates the approach we are taking to attract, retain and develop top talent in the industry.

“Our employees are incredibly skilled at their jobs, and our ability to deliver high quality services to our customers is a testament to them.”

Top Employers Certification requires the completion of a stringent research process, and the meeting of required standards. All answers are independently audited.

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