BA launches multi-media ad campaign

BA launches multi-media ad campaign

Press release – 5 August 2008 – British Airways

On August 5, British Airways’ new ‘Terminal 5 is working’ campaign launches.

A reportage style will be adopted for the campaign, which signals a move away from the airline’s traditional approach.

The 24-hour turn-around production times will also be a first for British Airways and unusual in the advertising world.

The campaign focuses on the customer experience. It will demonstrate how the terminal is working through indicators such as the length of time it takes customers to get through security, flight punctuality, baggage arrival times or simply how quickly a person can get from the plane to the arrivals hall.

These details will be illustrated through photography of real customers during their journey through Terminal 5 captured the day before the ads appear in print.

The overarching aim of the campaign is to produce an accurate portrayal of how Terminal 5 is performing, demonstrating that it is now working effectively and helping to dispel any remaining negative perceptions.

The ‘T5 is working’ campaign will appear in print, online, outdoor (including digital outdoor), radio and through direct channels.

There will be daily executions featured over 38 days of the campaign during August and September.

Katherine Whitton, British Airways’ general manager for marketing communications, said: “This campaign isn’t about making big promises. The terminal has now been open for 131 days, more than six million people have travelled through it and it has been performing very well for some time.

“We are letting it speak for itself and reflecting genuine customer experiences on the aspects of the journey that research tells us are most important to them.

“The aim of the campaign is to communicate to the travelling public in an open and factual way that Terminal 5 is now working well. The campaign will show that Terminal 5 is a fantastic building that provides a high-quality travel experience and will encourage travellers to try it for themselves.”

British Airways’ integrated agency team including ad agency BBH, media buying agency ZenithOptimedia, digital specialists, public relations agency Porter Novelli and direct marketing company TMW have collectively worked on the production of the campaign alongside the internal teams.

Mick Mahoney, Creative Director at BBH, said: “We will be turning around adverts every day within the space of 24 hours for two continuous weeks at a time. This fast production, along with the daily changing content is a novel way for British Airways to communicate – a real first in the airline industry.”

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