The Internet Traveller site launches

The Internet Traveller site launches

Press release – 05 August 2008 – The Internet Traveller

Undaunted by souring fuel costs, the credit crunch or collapsing house prices, two brave entrepreneurs have chucked in their jobs, mortgaged their futures and launched the exciting new brand “The Internet Traveller”.

The brain child of Charles Clark and Craig Kean, the site has already impressed a range of industry experts and has secured funding from high profile investors including Steve Endacott, chief executive of the On Holiday Group.

The site will initially focus on the Long haul sector in order to exploit the founder’s expertise and massively attractive dollar exchange rate. Although advantageous rates have been secured from a number of bed banks, Clark and Kean believe that the direct relationships they have secured with a number of hotels chains will be the key success factor in their business.

Commenting Craig Kean said: “There are a number of hotel chains looking for partners in the UK market, who will really focus on their product and deliver the high service levels required to attract the high end customers they are seeking. However, few chains have the technology base, ATOL bonding or ABTA membership required to drive sales in a competitive landscape”.

Although The Internet Traveller site will offer a broad range of product its focus will be on promoting a relatively narrow product range via highly target advertising.

When asked what was unique about its product, Clark responded: “Sorry this was information we want our customers to have, but not all of your readers. The quality of our backers however testifies to the strength of our concept”.

Investor Steve Endacott said: “Although it’s going to be a tough market in the next few years, there is always room for a highly targeted concept’s backed by good technology and a driven management team. My investment was primarily based on the quality and desire of the management team to take their dream from concept to launch.

“However, in my opinion the Internet Traveller represents the direction many retailers should be moving in,  with its exciting mix of offline and online customer acquisitions tools”.

The Internet Traveller has chosen to join The Freedom Travel Agents’ Consortium.

Head of Freedom Jane Atkins said:  “We have been very successful at attracting new members over the last year and we are particularly pleased that a progressive Internet start up such as The Internet Traveller has recognised the benefits of the commercial terms, bonding and administrative support that Freedom offers.”

Although The Internet Traveller has already secured it’s initial hotel partners it is still finalising partnerships with airlines with a focus on 1st and Business class seats. Clark commented “Given how tough the outlook is for airlines it’s surprising how hard it is to penetrate the bureaucracy that surrounds some major carriers. If any airline would like a focused partner to work with just drop us a line!!”.

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