Online at heart of Australia’s new camapign

Tourism Australia has appointed advertising agency DDB Worldwide to handle its campaigns for the next three years.

DDB will be responsible for the print, outdoor and online versions of Tourism Australia’s latest campaign scheduled for October and continuing into the middle of 2009.

The tourism body has joined forces with film producer and director Baz Luhrmann to create the campaign and produce the television and cinema versions of the advertisement, which will be launched to coincide with the release of his latest film Australia.

The advertisements will not be about the film but will draw on some of the themes evoked within it.

Tourism Australia also has a promotional partnership with Twentieth Century Fox and the combined investment for the advertising campaign and the marketing agreement is £24 million.

Tourism Australia UK and Europe general manager Rodney Harrex said the split between online and offline advertising had not yet been decided but that the internet played an important part in consumer planning for Australia.

“Baz is aware that going through a rigorous planning process for long-haul and online is a key part of that so it will form a key part of the campaign.”

Harrex added that the body already works with Bebo and Myspace but that the decision on where to feature the advertisement would be decided once the creative was finalised. 

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