Lake District cruise site launches

Press release – 30 July 2008 – Cumbria Cruises

Holidaymakers can now plan their river cruises online thanks to a new website from Cumbria Cruises.

The site – – charts the courses of the world’s most famous rivers, including the Nile, the Seine and the Danube, and makes suggestions for the ideal cruise.  Aspiring river cruisers can also search the site by cruise operator and by vessel.

Chris Leviston is the project development analyst who designed the site.

He said: “Within the cruise industry there is an anticipation that river cruising is about to really take off with UK holidaymakers, and that this type of holiday could enjoy the sort of growth that ocean cruising has experienced over the last ten years.

“In addition, there aren’t many resources for those that are new to river cruising.

“We believe that the website is a great starting point, and we will be adding to it with more information and details of cruises in the weeks and months ahead.”

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